Sunday, January 31, 2010

preparing for travel

Last day before I take off. Hoping my flight out of Richmond makes it to Laguardia in time for my flight to Mumbai. I downloaded a few dharma talks from the dharmaseed library. ( Primarily on the practice of equanimity/balance. Henry and I both work on this. I've asked him to remind of balance when I am loosing it and I remind him when it seems appropriate. From a foot of snow to 90 degrees. And how many hours of flight in between. And in between, I'll listen to Myoshin Kelly's teaching on equanimity.

I was talking with a friend about jetlag. It reminds me of how extreme this world is and how quickly we can shift our own states of being. I don't mind it. I mind shoes, and stories of travelers returning ill and the desire to return home safely to my family. Jetlag is far from on my mind. Re-mind. Minding. A very busy mind right now.

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Melanie said...

(Jetlag) lavender, lavender, lavender (and balancing)
Happy (shoeless)travelling (and breathing)